In order to enhance the quality of service for applicants who apply for a Russian visa, the Russian Visa Centre operates in the Consular district of the Consulate General.

The objectives of the centre are to speed up and simplify the procedure for obtaining a visa, create the most comfortable conditions for applicants, explain the rules of entry and stay in the Russian Federation, check the completeness of documents for issuing a visa, and represent the interests of applicants at the Consulate while submitting (receiving) documents. The final decision to issue or refuse to issue a Russian visa to foreign nationals lies to the respective Russian Consular Institutions.

Individual foreign citizens have the right to apply directly to the Consulate General to obtain a Russian visa by making a prior appointment through the Electronic Appointment Booking System (

In order to prevent cases of fraud with the pre-registration system, the Consulate General accepts documents only of those, whose personal data were entered into the system during the registration of the application. In case of discrepancy of the information specified in the system with the data of the applicant, whose documents are submitted to the consular institution, they are not accepted for consideration. Only one set of submitted documents can be processed during a one reserved time slot.


Russian Visa Centre in Chennai 

In order to obtain a Russian visa it is recommended to apply through the Visa Center located at: ISPAHANI Center, No 123, 124, Nugambakkam High Road, 1st Floor, Thousand lights, Chennai - 600034.; telephone: +91 22 6786605.


Online Appointment Registration 

Dear applicants, we highly recommend you to register your appointment through the Electronic Appointment Booking System

Address of the Visa Section on the Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Chennai

33/14, Santhome High Road, Mylapore, Chennai – 600 004.

Documents Submission Hours

Submission hours of the Visa Section: Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 9.30 to 12.30 only. 
On non-working days of the Visa Section the documents are not accepted.

IMPORTANT: The Visa Section of the Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Chennai accepts documents for the Russian visa only from the residents of its consular district, which comprises the following states: Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Puducherry.

Russian Consulate General in Chennai highly recommends to apply for visas through RVC. According to principal of mutual basis in bilateral relations Visa section of Russian Consulate General in Chennai since 01.12.2014 may directly accept visa documents only from applicants, who came personally (or bring documents of close relatives). Travel agents and couriers may submit documents through Visa Section only (on behalf of) for visas to members of diplomatic staff and guests of Indian Embassy in Moscow (представительств МИД Индии в России); official delegates, who, following an official invitation to the Russian Federation, participate in meetings, consultations, negotiations or exchange programs or in events held by Russian government or intergovernmental organizations; participants in official exchange programs organized by sister cities or regions.

In all other cases Russian Consulate General in Chennai recommend to submit visa applications through the RVC.


Visa officer reserves the right to invite any applicant for an interview.

Collection of the passports with ready visas takes place on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 12.30 to 14.00. To collect the passport a person should produce a receipt given by the Cashier of the Visa Section after paying the visa fee.

An applicant pays the charges for visa at the moment of submission only. The consular fee is paid in cash onlyDD and bank cards are not accepted. An applicant should check the receipt after making the payment. The receipt contains the amount paid for processing the case and the date of the collection of the passport.

In a case of denial of the Consulate General to issue a visa there is no refund of the paid money.

The Consulate General has the right to reject the visa case without any further explanations.

A multiple entry visa allows a person to stay continuously in the territory of the Russian Federation only for 90 days within each period of 180 days.

Ready visa details should be checked on the spot only at the moment of collection.
If any mistakes are found out later all the corrections will be added only during the working hours at the Visa Section at extra cost.

In a case if there is a new addition to the passport and a valid Russian visa should be transferred from the cancelled passport there would be a minimum fee for a single entry visa collected by the Visa Section.

In case if a person has a new addition to the passport, but the supporting documents for a Russian visa were issued according to the cancelled passport data, at the moment of submission an applicant should carry along to the Visa Section his/her cancelled passport or there should be the data of the previous passport in his/her new passport, a new addition to the passport, the invitation documents with a cancelled passport number and all the other supporting papers.

A citizen of a foreign country (non-Indian citizen) can submit his/her documents for a Russian visa at the Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Chennai only providing that he/she has an Indian residence permit or a long-term Indian visa, according to which he/she had stayed not less than 6 months in the territory of India. 

Address of the Russian Visa Center (RVC) – Russia Visa Centre:

ISPAHANI Center, No 123, 124, Nugambakkam High Road, 1st Floor, Thousand lights, Chennai - 600034.

Working hours:

09:00 - 15:00 (Monday - Friday)

Collection Timings:

15:00 – 17:00 (Monday - Friday)

Official website: